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Welcome to Steve Kane’s Sales & Consulting.

I operate an independent rep firm that specializes in Commercial Air Barriers, Roofing, Sealants, and Waterproofing sales.  I have worked in the construction industry for 37 years in the Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, and El Paso markets.  If you have a project you need these types of products for please call me.  I rep a variety of product lines you can find on the products page.  If you need an inspection of your roof, walls, or foundation call me.  I will be glad to review your building and make an assessment of what the problem is and what the solution is to fix it.

 I want to thank you for visiting my website.  Please contact me with any questions or if you need assistance with your commercial or residential building.


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Building & Roofing Areas we represent

Air barriers

I have worked in the air barrier market for 17 years. I have a great deal of experience in the wall applications of fluid and sheet applied membranes.


This is another area where I have over 17 years of experience. We have cold applied, hot-applied, and sheet applied membranes including all the accessories for your vertical or horizontal applications.


The roofing industry is always evolving and I have the product lines to meet each need, including cover boards, insulation, asphalt, and roof coatings.


The roof deck paver market continues to grow. We handle the oldest paver manufacturer, (Hanover) in the USA today. They offer a complete line of deck and on-grade pavers, bricks, and their new porcelain line.


The demand for high-performance sealants and adhesives is high. We have an excellent sealant/adhesive line to meet all of your needs.


The consulting side of my business is a tool for you to utilize my experience in roof, wall, and below grade applications. I would be happy to inspect your project and offer solutions.


If you make a commitment, honor it. If you make a promise, keep it. If you set a goal, achieve it!
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