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Product Lines

hanover architectural products

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Hanover Architectural Paver Products has participated in the development of unit paver systems for over 40 years. Hanover’s reputation stands solid with outstanding product performance and exception customer service. From Prest Brick and Pavers to Garden Walling and Asphalt Block, Hanover strives to provide the highest quality products. Hanover offers an abundance of resources ranging from technical data sheets, installation drawings and guidelines. Contact Hanover for more information or to discuss your next project.


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Keene Moisture Drainage & Ventilation products are essential to proper construction. Keene Building Envelope Products has pioneered the use of entangled net products in walls, roofs and foundations to handle incidental moisture and create drying potential. Keene's Driwall product line includes full-wall rainscreen applications, mortar collection devises for masonry cavity walls, weep screens/weep vents, fiberglass lath, and drainage & ventilation products for various roof applications. Keene Building Products provide the drainage and ventilation solutions for both commercial and residential construction. Visit their website at


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Rockwool has more than 40 years experience in developing and manufacturing advanced wall systems products. Rockwool manufactures a range of premium insulation products for multiple Air Barrier applications. Their product line up includes Curtain Wall & Fires Stopping Insulations, High Performance Cavity Wall Insulation,(CavityRock ), Acoustical Fire Batt Insulation, (AFB) and their new ComfortBoard CIS (Commercial Insulated Sheathing). Rockwool offers RockBoard for sound studios/mechanical rooms. Rockwool Firewall and Plus MB are used for Pre-Engineered Metal buildings.


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Green Construction Sealants & Adhesives. Advanced architectural and industrial products that are contractor driven. Their sealants are High Strength 100% solids, Solvent-free, No Fumes, Non Toxic and Non Flammable. Available in all sizes in recyclable cartridges and pails. ChemCurb and E-Curbs Penetration Seal Systems are tough, durable and easy to install. They eliminate the weakest part of your roof, (the penetrations) and turn them into the strongest. Best of all they are warranted for 10 years.


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Hunter Panels is the leading U.S. based company that manufacturer of Polyiso insulation for walls and roofs. The XCI wall products are available in several facer products, including CG, Coated Glass, Foil-Faced is available in three different facers including; Std. Foil Facer, XCI 286 Reinforced Foil Facer and XCI Class with an embossed Foil facer. Two types of Nailable Polyiso are available from Hunter, including; NB, (Nailbase) and XCI-Ply with a Fire-treated plywood facer.



Mid-States Asphalt is the exclusive marketer for Owens Corning’s Trumbull Low-Odor, Built-Up Roofing Asphalt. Trumbull Asphalt is available in TruLo, (Lo Odor) and TruLo Max, (No Odor) asphalt.  Trumbull’s the largest manufacturer of roofing asphalts in North America. MSA is a manufacturer Organic and Fiberglass felts including base sheets, ply felts, and self-adhered underlayments. They produce tapered insulation, Cant Strip, and tapered edge strip products. Blueridge wood-fiber products are now available through MSA.


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Greenlink products include rooftop support systems for pipes, conduit, solar arrays and HVAC equipment.  They offer innovative solutions to higher performance and more sustainable construction.  They are dedicated to manufacturing strong, safe, and durable architectural products.  Greenlink Knuckleheads are tough, molded fiberglass-reinforced nylon mechanical support units that keep pipes and equipment elevated to protect the roof’s surface.  There are currently a variety of five head options available which are each designed for a specific application.  With a universal 7” base, each head can support up to 600 lbs. with adjustable heights and extensions available.

National gypsum’s Dexcell roofing products

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National Gypsum is a leading company in the drywall industry and is now offering superior roofing coverboard products.  This line of DEXcell Roof Board covers the entire spectrum of commercial roofing applications.  The Glass Mat Roof board is recommended for mechanically attached systems.  The FA Glass Mat Roof Board has a heavy-duty coated fiberglass facer and is ideal for fully adhered roof systems.  The Cement Roof Board has superior moisture resistance and makes it suitable for nearly every roof system and provides an exceptionally hard, durable surface.