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CSI Denver's 60th Anniversary

Today’s post features our recent CSI Denver’s 60th Anniversary celebration! Steve and I are thrilled to be a part of such a great group of people here in Denver.

If you are unfamiliar with CSI, let me bring you up to speed. CSI stands for Construction Specifications Institute. “Founded in 1948, CSI is a national association of more than 8,000 experts in building construction and the materials used therein. We are dedicated to improving the communication of construction information.”

CSI provides education, certification, networking, relationships, events, etc all with the mission to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance. There is a variety of professionals within CSI including architects, designers, owners, manufacturers, product reps, general contractors, and more.

As manufacturer’s representatives, we see immense value in being a part of CSI Denver’s local chapter. We have a strong group of 130 members here in Denver and hope to continue growing!

CSI Denver’s 60th Anniversary

IMG_0252 (1).jpg

60 years is a lot to celebrate! The Denver Chapter was founded in May 1959. We have been awarded Outstanding Chapter 14 times, hosted 3 National Conventions, and are the 2nd oldest Chapter in the Southwest region.

The celebration included Chapter history, member recognition, awards, memorable stories, and more!

With the theme “60 years of Flight” we had Sputnik and Major Tom cocktails, a jazz trio, and a lovely dinner.

Steve, Phyllis, and Hannah Kane

Steve, Phyllis, and Hannah Kane

Steve has been a member of CSI for 7 years and this upcoming year is serving as 2nd Vice President.

Morayma, Mike, Patricia, and Hannah

Morayma, Mike, Patricia, and Hannah

Pictured here is Morayma Salas - Southwest Region President, Mike Bensky - Chapter President, Patricia Joseph & Hannah Kane - Emerging Professionals Committee.


During the evening we celebrated with Chapter Recognitions & Awards. This is a really fantastic part of being a member of CSI, you can grow within the association and develop relationships with other professionals within the industry.

Pictured above from left to right is Dave Bishton, Jeff Hamby, Mike Bensky, Liz Sullivan, Mike Young, Mitch Denman, Rachel Grissop, Dean Leschak, and Steve Kane.

CSI Denver is looking forward to a fantastic upcoming year!

Learn more about CSI

  • You can find more information about CSI Denver chapter on their website here

  • Our first monthly membership meeting will be on Tuesday September 10th. If you are interested in learning more we would be happy to bring you as guest so you can see what CSI is all about!

  • We have our annual CSI golf tournament on Monday August 5th. There are still spots available if you would like to play! You can play as a non-member as well.

Thank you so much for your time and reading about CSI Denver Chapter! If you are interested or have any questions please reach out to Steve or Hannah!