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International Roofing Expo

The International Roofing Expo was held in Nashville this year. What an awesome city to host this big event! It was a great 3 days for the roofing industry. The expo was full of education, exhibits, and networking for individuals in the industry. The turn out was huge & we had a great time.


It was held in the Music City Center which was massive and perfect for the event. The company’s exhibits showcased their products and were incredible to see. The expo is great because it gives you the opportunity to network with people in the industry and learn more about the companies and their products. New products are introduced, samples are given, and people help walk you through their products benefits and where you can use them. It is very interactive and hands on.


Steve spinning the wheel for an NRCA prize.

Another cool part about the expo is the amount of demos you can see! Pictured below is a demo from Chem Link showing the installation of E-Curb penetration systems. These guys did it in less than 10 minutes - a great advantage of our Chem Link E-Curb products - quick install!

There are countless demos of all different types of products that you can watch, learn, and even get your hands dirty & try some products out yourself. They also offer a variety of educational classes you can take and learn about products, trends, etc.

We highly recommend attending the IRE if you have the chance! You will not be disappointed.


This year I (Hannah) also attended the National Women in Roofing day in Nashville. NWIR is an excellent organization and I am proud to be a part of it! The day in Nashville started out with volunteer work in the morning followed by speakers, break out sessions, demos, and networking. It was a valuable day and stay tuned soon for a blog post dedicated to NWIR.

Next year the IRE will be held in Dallas, TX February 4-6. DO NOT MISS IT!! Steve and I will see you there. Please comment with any questions and share your experiences at the IRE.

Thank you for reading!