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CRA Tradeshow

The Colorado Roofing Association is an excellent organization that has been a part of the industry for over 30 years. We are proud members and are grateful to be involved with this in Colorado. The CRA commitment is to “promote the ethics, education, and image of the roofing industry throughout the state of Colorado through the action of its members.”

The CRA is filled with a huge variety of individuals in the roofing industry and is a great network of hard-working people. This association promotes education, offers resources, does community outreach, and more!

This year the 34th annual CRA Tradeshow was on January 24th & the turn out was incredible. With over 500 attendees, it was a very successful day this year! The trade show gives people the opportunity to showcase products, talk about new and exciting news in the roofing industry, and network with other members. There are installers, builders, architects, manufacturers, and applicators of roofing products and services.

Steve Kane’s Sales & Consulting was a vendor and we displayed multiple product lines this year -

Chem Link, Hanover, Dexcell, Trumbull Asphalt, Blueridge, and Greenlink


Chem Link is a line of high-performance sealants, adhesives, and other related products. They are all solvent free, moisture-cure, 100% solids, and non-toxic. We displayed many of the sealants including M-1, Duralink 35, Duralink 50, Clear, Novalink FP, Metalink, and Novalink TX. The day of the trade show was extremely cold & snowy so it was great to show these products because they do not freeze and can be applied in cold and wet conditions. We also displayed our E-Curb penetration systems and snowshoes. The feedback was great for all of these products!

We also displayed our Hanover architectural product line with Prest pavers and pedestal systems. The Hanover concrete paver line has the characteristics and the performance of natural stone, but can offer projects economical alternatives. The pedestal systems are a variety of sizing, spacer tabs, high-tabs, shims, etc. These pavers and systems are excellent products and we were happy to display them at the CRA trade show.

We were glad to have 2 tables this year so we could show even more product lines! We also displayed Trumbull Asphalt, Dexcell roof boards, and Blue Ridge Fiberboard.

The Trumbull plant is right in Denver and we sell a lot of the Type 3 and Type 4. If you have the opportunity to go check out the plant, I highly recommend it! It is very well run and they crank out a TON of product every single day.

Dexcell roof boards include a glass mat roof board, FA glass mat, and cement. These are incredible products and are speced with JM.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our tables, we appreciate you! And thank you to the CRA for hosting such a big & successful trade show here in Denver.

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See you next year!