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Hello & happy Monday! We hope your upcoming June is a fantastic month. Today’s Monday feature is Keene Building Products!

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We are excited to announce that Steve Kane's Sales & Consulting is now repping the Keene Building Envelope Product line. We will rep the Keene line in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana. Keene Building Products has pioneered the use of entangled net products in walls, roofs, and foundations to handle incidental moisture and create drying potential.

Keene offers building envelope products for both commercial and residential applications. Keene was launched in 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio & has been growing quickly. With excellent turnaround time, their products can fit your needs quickly & effectively.

Their product line includes —

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These products work to increase moisture drainage, ventilation, & isolation in every facet of commercial and residential construction.

Walls + masonry buildings + foundation + plaza applications

The Driwall products are designed to eliminate moisture & moisture vapor while increasing ventilation. They can be used on a variety of commercial exterior applications.

Driwall Rainscreen is a drainage mat for exterior wall systems. Applications include —

  • Stucco

  • Thin stone or brick

  • Manufactured stone

  • Stone and brick masonry

  • Lap siding

  • Siding applications

This product provides drainage of excess moisture AND ventilation in 1 product while passing multiple wall assemblies that require NFPA 285. The benefits include —

  • Lightweight & easy to handle

  • Simple installation with mechanical staple hammer

  • Polymer core resistant to most known corrosive chemicals, including solvents

  • Wide rolls for fewer seams


  • Provides no source for the promotion of mold, mildew, or bacteria

There are many more incredible products among the Keene Building Envelope Line. We would love to share more information about the various products with you!

Hannah and I look forward to showing you their complete line of Moisture Ventilation & Drainage products. Visit Keene Building Products website at

Thank you for reading & have a great week!